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A day trip on Saturday, February 7th for 8th and 9th graders.

Pastor Dennis will be treating you to Greeks Pizza and a little behind the scenes tour at Valpo University. This is a Passage Retreat for “Junior and Seniors (8th & 9th graders) in the Passage (Confirmation) Class.


february youth

Sign up now at the welcome center at church or post here! Get your team in the game!!!

March 23rd at 6:00 pm at Portofino’s Restaurant.

Be there!

If you’re going on the mission trip, you need to be at this event! Your parents need to be coming to help cheer you on and support your work! This is your time to show those who support this trip just how cool and fun you are!

If you’re not going on the trip…. come and support your friends…. or change the fact that you’re not going, and SIGN UP! Spots for this years trip to Manassas, VA remain open!

That’s right! Paintball & Church do make sense together. It’s about meeting new people, teamwork, leadership, mercy (thanks for not pelting me too much), and of course, fun. Can I say that Jesus would paintball? I don’t know. But he would enjoy life. He loved laughing and having fun and being with his friends. That’s all part of being a Christian. Oh, and we all forgave each other, right? If someone hit you in the arm causing a bloody welt, you laughed and showed others. Then whoever hit you was excited to claim the shot. That’s the crazy kind of forgiving life Jesus wants us to live off the paintball field. Keep that in mind as you face issues at home, school, or with friends.