ReVive, commissioned by the leaders of Bethany Lutheran Church La Porte, is a musical group consisting of teenagers from the La Porte, Indiana area.  The Chorus is open to any teenager and auditions are not required to join.  Also, there is no cost for anyone to become a member.  Youth can participate in ReVive in two different ways:  They can sing in the group. Or, if they have studied a specific instrument, they may audition to play in the band that is to accompany the Chorus.  The band will rehearse at a separate time from the chorus.  This is a “parts” chorus.  The children will be learning different vocal parts and not all will be singing the melody.  Some at home listening and learning will be required and expected.   We will teach a general repertoire and then add more songs throughout the year.  ReVive will be performing at various venues, events, and churches throughout the year.  While regular rehearsal attendance will be monitored and expected it will not be required in order to perform.  New members may join at any time but their start date prior to a performance may determine whether or not the new member is allowed to perform at the next scheduled performance. 

Mission Statement: ReVive Chorus La Porte is dedicated to the artistic development and expression of each student in La Porte.  Inspirational music of today reaches our young people and yet the principles of choral singing still need to apply.  We are proud of the fact that our program gives students an opportunity to develop discipline through practice; leadership skills by working in an ensemble; analytical and problem solving skills that come from studying the music and working together to achieve the goal of performance; creativity to allow students to express themselves in a unique and authentic way, and an attitude of gratitude and service toward our community.

About the Music Director: Matt Nelson is a life-long resident of La Porte, IN.  His parents began nurturing his love of music at the age of ten with piano and vocal lessons.  He followed that passion through La Porte High School and studied music education at Ball State University.  He also studied Church Music and Liturgy at St. Joseph College, Renselear, IN.  He has held the position of Musical Director at First Christian Church of La Porte and at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School of La Porte.  He has taught general music classes as well as directed choirs for both elementary and middle school aged children. 
He is also the co-founder and director of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra Children’s Chorus.  His made his orchestral composing debut last month. Matt currently leads worship at Agape Christian Church’s Saturday night EPIC service.  Matt is excited about this new endeavor and hopes and prays it will become a well respected vocal group in the area. 

revive chorus facebook cover

revive chorus facebook cover

ReVive will be a community wide chorus and music group for teens (grades 6-12) in the LaPorte area. First meeting date/rehearsal planned for May 19th at 7:00pm at Bethany Church (102 G Street).

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